Our company deals with machining with the use of modern CNC technologies. We specialize in production of small-size workpieces in average and large size batches. Our customers are companies which operate in various industrial branches. We support, among others, automotive industry, power hydraulics, medical industry and food industry. We manufacture our products for Polish and also European market, over 70% of our production is sold on the demanding German market.

Trying to meet the customers’ expectations, we put special emphasis on detailed quality control of our products. At present we have the following devices: a contourograph, a measuring microscope, a measuring machine, a measuring projector and a surface roughness meter.

We also have fourteen numerically controlled CNC machines, three of which are three-axis turning centres, four-axis turning centre and five-axis turning centre. Our machine park comprises also two three-axis milling centres, two four-axis two-pallet centres and four five-axis milling centres.

We are a small, yet rapidly developing company with young and ambitious personnel relying on new technologies and modern solutions, in the nearest future we plan for a dynamic development of our company. Having so differentiated machine park, all kinds of auxiliary devices and atypical tools, we are able to realize even the most demanding project. We have implemented quality management system 9001 and environment management system 14001.

Machine park