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What are cookies?

Cookie files (cookies) make up IT data, they are text files which are stored in the Service User’s end device, in other words in your device – a computer, a telephone or any other device with the websites browser or other similar software.

Cookies allow for identification of the computer which was used by the user to enter the website. We use cookies which are necessary to make it possible for you to navigate the website or in order to ensure some basic functions. We use cookies in order to increase the website functionality by means of storing e.g. preferences. It makes improving efficiency and functionality of our website possible, in order to ensure better operation of the website for you.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Cookies connected with the so-called session – the cookies are maintained only when the browser is started. With the moment the browser is closed, such cookies are deleted. Session cookies are used for simple technical issues such as logging in, better navigation.
  • Persistent cookies – the type of cookies stored on the user’s hard drive (they are saved by the browser).

Particular cookies actions from our side:

  • Better navigation on the website due to cookies, in some cases it is possible to check the user’s preferences, what makes the scripts to be able to show the user’s preferences. This way the efficiency of the website is increased.
  • The cookies allow us to see if you are a new or returning user and because of that, we can adjust the website in such a way so that you do not see the same information a couple of times and also we can show you special information for returning users only.
  • Cookies allow us to apply statistics and analyses due to which we learn about preferences and origin of users. It allows us to ensure proper development of our portal in a good direction as we know what is the most popular on our website.
  • If there is a purchase basket on the website (it is possible to buy goods), it uses cookies.
  • If it is possible to log in to the website (access only for subscribers, logged in users), it uses cookies.
  • Cookie files may be used in order to ensure safety, they are used for detecting exploits within the website.
  • If it is possible to vote/rate on the website, it may use cookies.
  • If it is possible to track commands on the website – partner’s programme, it uses cookies. The function allows us to track commands – we are able to check who recommended our website to other users, this is how we increase our website’s functionality.
  • Flash elements (Adobe Flash Player) – on sub-sites, flash elements may be present. They can also use cookie technology saving various settings. On the software supplier’s website you can find detailed information on safety:

Cookies from related web sites:

We use external services on sub-sites, there may be elements which use cookies, such as:

  • Links (hyperlinks) to other web sites, each website has its own cookies policy, if you decide to use it (click on the link), you should familiarize with the cookies policy of the website you are on.
  • Google tools: statistics of Google Analytics, Google adds, Google map, Google Plus tools, movies from YouTube service and other – detailed description of cookies policy connected with Google may be found here:
  • Facebook tools – on our website you may find Fan Box, “Like” button and other tools made available by Facebook – they may use cookie files – the description of actions may be found here:
  • The website may also have other ‘embed’ buttons and advertising materials, apps, which make it possible for the user to like the site, link it and undertake other actions via social media and related services. We do not control these websites, each has its own cookie settings, each website has it own cookie policy. While setting up your browser, you can decide whether you want to allow the companies to do so.

How to disable cookies?

While viewing the website you are using a device or a browser (software on the computer) which allows for such cookie saving. In many cases the option of saving cookies is enabled by default – it allows for saving cookies by default. Information related to settings of cookies and similar technologies – blocking, deleting may be found in the Help section of the browser, device you are using at the moment or on the website How cookies operate? – Using these solutions may have an impact on the possibility of using our website, our apps and related sites and apps. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, we are not able to ensure efficient functioning of the website for devices with cookie servicing disabled.