The offered metal machining services are subject to detailed quality control at each stage of the order realization. The process takes place by means of detailed verification of specific product parameters with the parameters listed in the technical specification. Our quality control department is equipped both, with conventional measuring tools (callipers, micrometers, rod gauges, etc.) as well as specialist measuring devices, these are automatic optical measuring system KEYENCE IM-7000contourograph Conturo Matic CV120, measuring microscope MWM PZO, a tool for measuring surface roughness Mitutoyo Suftest-211 and a coordinate measuring machine Hexagon.

Automatic optical measuring system KEYENCE IM-7000

im 7000

KEYENCE IM-7000 technical data:

  • ‘Instant Measurement’ type working mode – automatic identification and measurement of the workpiece elements (lines, circles, curves, etc.) – element measurement without the necessity of positioning (any orientation) in the time less than 5 seconds, measurement of up to 99 workpieces at time
  • measurement field: 200 x 200 mm
  • lens with the diameter of fi 100 mm
  • maximum height of the measured part: 85 mm
  • focus: adjusted automatically
  • built-in lighting system: top lighting and bottom lighting (possibility of intensity adjustment in automatic and manual mode, independently for the top and for the bottom), additional illuminating ring, white and green light (small angle illumination)
  • focus depth (field): 20 mm
  • allowable measuring error: +2 μm in the high precision mode and +5 μm in the wide field mode

Contourograph ConturoMatic CV120


ConturoMatic CV120 technical data:

  • measurement range X x Z – 120x30mm, resolution 0.1μm
  • measurement speed: 0.03 – 1.75 mm/s
  • measurement accuracy: +/- (1.5μm+L/25mm)μm

ConturoMatic software – allows for realization of measurements such as arches, angles and distances. It performs the function of comparing the measured workpiece with the programmed pattern with tolerances. The measured courses may be exported as ASCII or *.bmp files. Software allows for importing DXF files and files in Mahr, Taylor Hobson, Hobson, Hommel formats.



Coordinate measuring machine Global S GREEN 7.10.7:

Measuring ranges:

X [mm]: 700

Y [mm]: 1000

Z [mm]: 660

Machine Speeds:

3D speed: 31 m / min

3D acceleration: 1.7 m / s2

Measurement uncertainty: MPEE (ISO 10360/2) = 1.7+ L / 333 [µm]

Maximum workpiece weight [kg]: 900

HH-AS8-T5 swivel head

Renishaw TP200 switching probe

Temperature compensation “CLIMA”

Mitutoyo Surftest-211

Urządzenie do mierzenia chropowatości

Mtutoyo Surftest-211

  • A device for measuring surface roughness with the reading in classes: Ra, Rz, Ry.

Measuring microscope


The measuring microscope allows for measurements:

  • within the range of 75 mm per 25 mm with the accuracy of up to 0.01 mm
  • linear measurement
  • angle measurement 
  • radius measurement